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American Executive Private Security understands that presenting tenants with a reassuring environment by not only securing our clients real-estate with strategic security regulations. We also understand that security personnel must possess competent customer service skills as well. Security officers must also be a deterrent to all inappropriate behavior. Our officers are highly trained to notice unprotected access areas, parking and common areas that may become potential security threats. Competitive rates and payment options eliminate financial concerns. The variations of solutions available while working with you the client to secure the subject property are endless.
​​American Executive Private Security specialize in the following:
- Commercial and Residential Services
- Construction Project Services
- Shipping & Receiving 
- HealthCare Facilities
- Educational Facilities 
- Executive and Corporate Services
- Financial Institutions

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Commercial and Residential Services
When there is Commercial/Residential property that need to be secured, American Executive Private Security knows where the threats are. Our officers understand that it is imperative to not only show a firm professional security presence at all times, but representing the client to tenants is obligatory. To prevent burglary, arson and vandalism officers understand that familiarizing themselves with tenants through great customer service is necessary. In doing so officers can identify trespassers that much quicker. Officers are also trained to professionally and discreetly approach noisy tenants to instruct them to consider their neighbor.
Construction Project Services
The construction security industry offers American Executive Private Security an in-depth understanding to the unique challenges of today’s rapidly changing industry. Worksites-in-progress can become targets of vandalism, equipment and copper piping theft, tampering with equipment, break-ins, and other security breaches, especially during the days and hours when no one is working on site.  American Executive Private Security understands that dependable construction security is imperative to prevent crime, save insurance costs and safeguard the productivity of the construction project. 
Shipping & Receiving
Extensive monitoring of shipping & receiving freight as we under it is indispensable. Having a proficient dependable system to document all incoming and outgoing traffic is imperative. The arrival or departure of individuals with access to inventory should be accurately time stamped. Inspections to all surrounding gates, walls entrances and exits should have documented inspections to prevent vandalism, and to assure an accurate count of inventory.  American Executive Private Security prides is self on the ability to implement systems to secure and prevent.
HealthCare Facilities
A healthcare facility primarily at times can present a challenging and temperamental environment. The need for a security officer to maintain the order and a peaceful surrounding in a healthcare facility is highly recommended. A security officer’s function is not only to regulate the flow of visitors by signing them in or out guarding against theft, and vandalism on the premises. Also American Executive Private Security officers will possess the skill of customer service and the proficiency of adapting to rapidly changing environments.
Educational Facilities
A school campus involves an alert approach to the schools demographic and area statistic on arrest offenses. For an attentive approach to securing a high school or middle school it will require a close working relationship with facility staff and or campus police to prevent students from abandoning the campus. Motivating students between transitional periods by rushing them to class will show student a sense of concern. 
Executive and Corporate Services
American Executive Private Security prides itself on the ability to implement comprehensive, professional and formidable assistance to all of our executive clients. Our executive protection officers or (EPO) officers are highly trained for environmental control maneuvers. This extensive training allows the officer to effectively secure the executive or individual from any unstable environment. Our objective is to customize each mandated detail to conform to the program of each individual’s needs. This service is design for the VIP, Professional, and Entertainer. 
Financial Institutions
When a financial Institution incorporates additional security measures, these measures should not only display an incident deterrent. The Security officer addition should also continue the continuity of the institutions most prized asset, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Most financial Institution requires that their offices provide a safe and secure place of business for the preservation of the bank’s assets and the safety of the bank’s customers and employees. 

American Executive Private Security recommends if any financial institution feels there can be a possible external security threat. American Executive Private Security is your answer.